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Team Development Software for Modern Teams

Leapto is a collection of tools for team development. Run team development sessions, track your team’s progress, and solve teamwork challenges.

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The best individuals do not automatically form the best team. A safe and productive atmosphere is something that the team creates together. In the past, team development has been a luxury that only some companies can afford.


Leapto empowers you to take charge of your own team’s development in an affordable way. Bring the best of agile and team development practices to your team starting today.

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Create the best team
with Leapto

Facilitate your own team development sessions

No need to hire expensive in-person facilitators. Leapto helps you facilitate efficient team development workshops for your team on various topics curated by experts.

Instead of top-down trainings, Leapto is made for the modern hybrid workplace. You can run Leapto workshops wherever and whenever you want.

Track the big picture

Keep all your team development data in one place.

Easily track where your team has improved in and what areas still need work.

Solve challenges before they become problems

Leapto is a safe space for your team. Instead of blame games Leapto guides you to constructive discussions.

With Leapto you can discuss and solve challenges with the whole team so that everyone feels heard and empowered.

Improve your team with less effort

Leapto workshops are short and efficient. Leapto brings your team together on topics that matter to you.

Use Leapto to have a better team experience and less stress for everyone in the team, including the team lead.


Why should you do team development?


Build engaged
world-class teams 

The best organizations are very focused on developing their teams.


Well functioning teams have less stress, are more efficient, and they stay together.


Get the latest know-how into your team

Facilitate workshops on topics including psychological safety and burnout prevention with your team. 


a better leader

Leapto helps team leads become better leaders by guiding you on your journey.


No matter your experience level, Leapto helps.


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