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We are working towards the workplace we want to have for ourselves

We get it. Organizational change is really difficult. All of us have been dealing with how difficult it is to make changes in organizations. We have run companies, teams, and different kinds of organizations. We realized that the key is always to work on the change team by team. Top-down changes rarely work anymore.

Most work is already done in teams. Many organizations are also starting to give teams more autonomy so that they can be more efficient. Yet, the way we change our working habits is stuck in the 1970s. Many organizations still use mass surveys that do not tell them what needs to happen and especially what needs to happen on the team level.

Do not just collect the data,
do something about it!

Many teams and organizations talk about wanting actual change and wanting to be better for their team members and employees, but in reality, most actions for improvement are directed at data collection instead of doing actual changes. We want to change that, and instead of just collecting data on how people feel, we focus on how teams can change the way they work.

When we started working on Leapto we realized that many organizations conduct surveys and try to figure out what to improve. Yet, these surveys do not really tell you what you actually need to do. Nor do they help you implement the change in the day-to-day work of a team. Because most of the work happens in teams, the first place to make meaningful corrections is in the team. When teams correct issues they have, everyone in the team is happier, and the team works more efficiently.

Stress comes from organizational practices
or lack thereof

One important reason why we are working on Leapto is to improve mental health in the workplace. Most of the discussion about mental health in the workplace focuses on individuals. We think that the organizational side has been forgotten. How the work is done, led, and structured matters a great deal to people’s overall well-being at work. So much of the stress comes from organizational practices or lack thereof.

Solutions come from the team itself

Overall, teams need better tools for developing their working habits. We have noticed that many team members in teams around the world have knowledge and ideas on how to develop their team’s work processes. Yet, these ideas stay buried or are not made actionable. Leapto acts as a safe space for the team to discuss their challenges and solve them together as a team, and not the old way of upper management telling them what to do.

We welcome you to join us on this journey.

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Markku Räsänen, CEO.

Markku Räsänen


Kristian Kurikka, Chief Psychologist.

Kristian Kurkikka

Chief Psychologist

Severi Tikkala, CTO.

Severi Tikkala


Esko Vähämäki, Senior Developer.

Esko Vähämäki

Senior Developer

Suvi Turkia, UX/UI Designer.

Suvi Turkia

UX/UI Designer

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