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Two Impulse Uses Leapto to Improve Collaboration

Two Impulse Uses Leapto to Improve Collaboration

About Two Impulse

Two Impulse is an AI technology company with offices in Portugal, and in Germany, that helps organizations navigate the complex and unleash their full potential using AI, design, and software engineering. They are a team of over 60 people and most of them are software engineers, data scientists, and designers spread across Europe. Two Impulse has some of the world’s leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Ultragenyx, Smart and Swiss Re as their customers. Two Impulse is committed to the wellbeing of its team members, and this is also one of the main reasons for their cooperation with Leapto.

About the Team Leads Using Leapto

Two Impulse uses Leapto in two of its teams. First of the teams is an engineering team lead by David Chaves and Gabriela Oliveira and the second one is the business team lead by Stefano Chiavegati.

David is a Product Manager at Two Impulse, and he has extensive experience from the technology industry. Gabriela is a Project Manager with similarly extensive experience from the technology industry. In addition, Gabriela also trains companies using gamification-based methodologies. Their team consists of 18 team members.

Stefano is the Chief Sales & Operations Officer at Two Impulse. He has extensive technology industry experience and has worked in leadership roles for multinational technology companies in Europe. Stefano’s team consists of 6 members.

Value that Leapto Provides to the Two Impulse Teams

Two Impulse is an organization working in multiple European countries. Because the teams are spread out most of the work gets done remotely. This presents certain challenges that the Leapto tool solves for Two Impulse especially for improving the coordination and wellbeing of the teams.

David says: I feel like the bi-weekly time we put into using Leapto tool, is time well spent, because without using Leapto we would not talk about our common team issues.

Gabriela continues: Since we are a remote team, Leapto gives us a space and time where to discuss how we work together as a team. Both agree that Leapto has helped them increase the efficiency of their team, solve issues, and serve customers better.

Stefano says: Our team is by definition a remote one with the team spread across Portugal, Germany, and Italy. We spend a considerable amount of our time with customers. Yet, Leapto has already helped us work better together and point out certain topics where we need to do a deeper dive as a team to increase efficiency and coordinate better.

Working with Leapto

Leapto and Two Impulse teams have now cooperated for almost 6 months. During this time, the Leapto team has implemented multiple features requested by Two Impulse and we continue to be an essential part of Two Impulse’s investment into overall team member wellbeing. Two Impulse’s CEO Paulo Nunes comments on the cooperation: The wellbeing of our people is very important for us at Two Impulse. When the Leapto team presented their solution, I saw the potential in it, even though it was and still is in development. Solutions, where teams can work on their common issues together, are the future over top-down solutions.

If you would like to see how Leapto can help your team, book a demo on our main page or try out Leapto for yourself free for 30 days.

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