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What is wrong with employee engagement surveys?

Most organizations want to make their working environments better. Many do use tools offering employee engagement surveys and pulse surveys for this purpose. These tools are suitable for finding out trends and data points in the organization, but they are not suited or designed for enacting changes in working habits of teams.

For meaningful changes in teams, the relevant person is each team member. In employee engagement tools, especially the ones focusing on data collection, the relevant persons are the people viewing the reports in human resources or management. Hundreds, in some case even thousands of people fill in surveys so that couple of people in an organization can see how the organization is doing. Of course, this is fine if the idea is that data collection leads to results. But it rarely does – at least that is what we have seen.

When we started working on Leapto we wanted to focus on one thing: how to make real changes in how teams work to benefit the team members’ mental wellbeing? Leapto does this by giving teams and team members action recommendations that they can choose from based on the current issues in the team. No more guesswork, but just the ability to move fast towards corrections. Focusing on improving how a team works together is important, because so much of our daily stress is due to working habits or lack thereof. After all, stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological strain.

With Leapto you and your team can discuss those difficult issues that are never discussed, find solutions, and then implement them. It is that simple. Of course, we are just getting started here, but we think that our approach for going team first is the right one. Our early customers agree. Many of them have been running surveys of all types but have been struggling with getting real change done.

Check out Leapto free here.

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