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Focus on Change

Facilitate your team sessions with Leapto. Collect ideas anonymously and use templates for improvements.

No credit card required!

How it works

Introduction to Leapto

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Develop your team in a smart way

Leapto provides structure and facilitates team development. Our process has four main steps:

  1. Identify what your team should focus on.

  2. Implement the chosen focus area with predefined expert-curated tasks.

  3. Repeat the process. Continuous development is the key to success.

  4. Validate the improvement and adapt if needed.

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Identify what your team should focus on

Leapto is structured around team development actions. Team members can influence which actions to concentrate on. This is done by voting on actions.


In addition to the most voted on development actions, the most voted on team strengths are listed along with the reasons why the team members chose them.


We give expert-curated actions to solve the situations based on the results. Our process helps teams to stay motivated and structured.

Leapto Software Voting results.

Implement the chosen focus area with expert-curated tasks

Leapto helps you select the actions most likely to solve your team’s problems. So, as a team leader, you do not have to take the time to figure out what should be done. This is especially helpful for recently promoted team leaders.


Normally, planning what you should do for each development area in your team takes a lot of time. Not with Leapto. Our expert-curated tasks ensure that instead of googling, you can focus on doing things. 

Leapto Software task list
Leapto software voting view

Repeat the process. Continuous development is the key to success

Constant improvement and the best processes are a given among the best teams. We recommend integrating Leapto as a part of your team meetings to build this culture. Just some minutes per team meeting is enough.


Some teams use Leapto in sprints, and some teams use it weekly. The key is that you have our solid process guiding you on your team’s development journey.


Using Leapto, your team’s habits are always up to date, and your team’s productivity increases steadily.

Leapto Software validation view

Validate the improvement and adapt if needed

Once you have changed how you work as a team, it is important to measure the results. Leapto helps with that as well. You can monitor the progress of the new habits in your team and whether team members are happy with the change.

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